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Roast Beef Buffet
Slow roasted Alberta beef spiced with hand cracked pepper corn, Garlic and Mediterranean Sea salt
Includes a Potato or Rice Dish
Hot Vegetable
Choice of 3 Salad
Dinner Rolls with butter
Home-made gravy with Horse Radish accompaniment

Turkey and Ham Buffet
Moist seasoned turkey with Vancouver Island smoked Ham
accompanied with Our home made Stuffing and Pan drippings gravy.
Choice of Potatoes or Rice Pilaf
Hot vegetable
Choice of 3 Salads
Dinner Rolls and Butter

Tender Pork back Ribs with broiled Chicken quarter
smothered in our tangy BBQ sauce for the Die-hard BBQ’er
Accompanied with our homemade coleslaw and Roast Potatoes
Choice of 2 Salads
choice of Hot Vegetable

Mediterranean Buffet
Choice of (2) Beef, Chicken or Pork Souvlaki BBQ on site
with Rice Pilaf, Roasted Lemon Potatoes, Choice of 3 salads
Tzatziki Hummus and Pita Bread

Mom’s Home Buffet
homemade meatloaf with tomato glaze and Roasted Chicken Quarter
Roasted Potatoes, with Fresh Vegetable Trio (Carrots Broccoli Cauliflower)
Choice of three Salads

Taste of Asia Pacific
Sesame Crusted Chicken with Spicy Firecracker Shrimp
Served with Asian vegetable medley and Jasmine rice and Choice of Three Salads

Alberta’s triple A prime rib roasted to perfection with our signature au jus
served with Choice of Potatoes or Rice Hot vegetable with three Salads

Roasted chicken breast, homemade pesto, with fire Roasted Tomatoes
Served with Rice or Pasta   Choice of Vegetable and Three salads.

Pork Rustico
Roast Pork Loin Braised with balsamic chipoline onions
Served with herb rice pilaf and garlic potatoes and vegetables

Marsala Chicken
Chicken Breast with a Marsala mushroom demi
Served with Tomato and Bow tie pasta bake Fresh Veg Medley and choice of three salads

Greco Lamb
Lemon and Fresh Seasoned leg of Lamb
served with Roasted potatoes or Rice Pilaf, roasted vegetable Briham and choice of three salads

Mardi Gras
Roasted Pork loin with black peppercorn and Cajun seasoning
Served with chicken and andouille sausage Rice, Black bean and Corn, Fresh Vegetable  Choice of three Salads.

Indian Style Butter Chicken
Mixture of Boneless chicken thighs and Breast Oven Roasted and finished in our Butter curry sauce
Served with Basmati Rice and fresh Cauliflower, 3 Salads and Naan Bread.

Moroccan Lamb Tagine
Slow cooked Lamb with a mixture of cumin coriander and garlic
served with spiced potatoes or Basmati rice roasted root vegetables and a choice of three salads

We can customize any menu for you or do something completely out of the box

***All buffets include Dessert squares ***
(All Prices are subject to the GST and 15% Gratuity)